Moving With Kids? Three Mistakes To Avoid

Moving is made more challenging if you have children. This is because a move is uprooting them from their home and friends, which can often be difficult. Knowing the following mistakes so that you can avoid them can help you move with kids go much more smoothly.

#1: Letting the kids help

It may seem like it will help smooth the transition if the kids get to help pack, but often this makes matters worse. Kids tend to pack everything – including trash and dirty clothing. Instead, either pack most things yourself or have professionals help. If you still want to give them the opportunity to help, manage it carefully to avoid the above issues. Where the kids can help is in controlled areas with their own rooms, such as packing up a single toyshelf at a time. You will have to micromanage by directing them to acceptable areas to "help." Also, be prepared to take over once your children become distracted or bored.

#2: Not preparing for arrival

Making your children feel at home as soon as possible is key to smoothing the move over. Keep a box off the truck by carrying it with you or shipping it ahead. This box should contain some bedding as well as a few of their favorite things. This way your child can start making their room feel like home right away. Also, make sure the movers load your child's items first so they can be unloaded last – which will further help you set up there room so they can begin feeling comfortable in your new house more quickly.

#6: Allowing distractions to separate you

A major reason children, especially younger ones, adjust badly to moves has to do with mom and dad. Often, parents become so busy and wrapped up in the move, that they don't give their children the same attention as before. You may even become a bit frustrated or short tempered at times. Your child, at least subconsciously, will blame the move and by extension blame your new home. Make sure you carve out family time during the hub-bub of packing. Even enjoying lunch at a park for an hour can be a welcome respite for everyone. If your child does complain about your lack of attention, be careful not to blame the move. You don't want to inadvertently provide your child with any negative connotations about moving.

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