Four Tips To Use When Moving Out Of A House After Breaking Up With Someone

Breaking up with someone is often difficult. There are a lot of raw emotions that can make moving things out of a house hard because people often do not want to be around one another any longer than they have to be around them after a break up. If you have recently gone through a break up and need to move out of a house, use the following guide to learn how to make the move as easy as it can be.

Determine What You Are Taking with You

Sit down with your ex and discuss what items you would like to take with you and what items your ex feels should stay. Go around the house and place colored stickers on the items that you are taking with you. When you move, it will make it easier for the movers to know what items are going and what items are staying.

Hire a Moving Company to Move the Items for You

You do not want to try to move the items on your own because you could become injured or could damage something of your ex's accidentally trying to get your items out of the house. Hiring a professional moving company to move your items will ensure that your ex cannot claim you intentionally damaged anything of theirs during the move.

Allow Your Ex to Remove Their Belongings from the Items You Are Taking with You

Be sure to discuss with your ex when you plan to move. This will give them time to remove any of their items from inside of or on top of the items that you plan to take with you. This ensures that the move can be as amicable as possible and that no one can claim anyone stole anything from the other person.

Be Present on the Day of the Move

When your items are moved out of the house, be sure to be present. If your break up was a bit rocky and your ex has hurt feelings, they may remove your stickers from the belongings that are supposed to be moved so that they can keep them for themselves. Being present ensures that everything goes with you when you leave.

Once the items are out of the house, the movers can take them to a different house for you or put them in a storage unit. They will know how to pack the unit properly to ensure that your items are not damaged if you have to store them for an extended period of time until you find a new place to live. Contact a site like for more help.

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