3 Benefits Of Using Climate Controlled Storage

If you need to move a bunch of your belongings into storage, you want to make sure that your belongings make it through their time in storage without sustaining any damage. One way to protect your belongings when they are in storage is by renting a climatized storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit provides a few benefits over regular storage units.

The Temperature Is Consistent

One of the biggest advantages that a climate controlled storage unit provides is temperature control. With a climate controlled storage unit, you can set the thermostat inside of your storage unit to a specific temperature, and it will stay at that temperature the entire time your belongings are in storage.

When you rent a storage unit that is not climate controlled, the temperature can change a lot, especially if the storage unit opens to the outside and is not inside of a warehouse. When it gets hot outside, your storage unit will get hot and humid. When it gets really cold outside, it will become freezing inside of your storage unit as well.

With a temperature controlled storage unit, the temperature will not very with the outside temperature. The environment will have a consistent temperature, more like your home.

Your Belongings Are Protected from Temperature-Related Damage

Not all of your belongings can handle all that temperature change. For example, if you have photos in your storage unit, they may stick together in the hot heat, or bend and fold up. If you have paintings in your storage unit, the cold could crack the canvas and the heat could damage the paint on the canvas.

If you are storing anything that is digital, from a CD player to a DVD player to a coffee pot, extreme cold and heat can damage electrical components. Your items could get damaged just from the change in temperature.

Your Belongings Are Protected from Moisture Related Damage

In non-temperature controlled unit, moisture can be an issue. When it gets hot, it also tends to get humid. All that humidity can build up and lead to a variety of moisture related issues.

Moisture can damage any paper belongings that you are storing in your storage unit. Moisture can also encourage the presence of mold and mildew, and can lead to any porous items in your storage unit developing a musky, off-putting smell.

Climate controlled storage units will help protect your belongings, keep the safe, and present them with an environment that mimics the one in your home as closely as possible. To learn more about renting climate controlled storage units, visit E-Z LAKEWAY STORAGE

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