Blunders To Avoid When Making A Long Distance Move

A long-distance move is often more complicated than a local one. As a result, you will have to focus on many aspects and logistical tasks, and some things may slip your mind. Whether or not it's your first time moving to another state or country, it is crucial to be organized, feel confident, and familiarize yourself with the basic dos and don'ts. 

Most people assume that their work is done after getting professional movers to handle the moving task. The truth is that there are other things you need to do before the big day. Here are common mistakes to avoid even when working with long-distance movers.

Not Decluttering First

Like most homeowners, you'll likely have a lot of items lying around the house that you don't use. Maybe you assume that you will need them someday, but the truth is that you haven't used them for a long time. Moving such items to your new residence will clutter the house and increase your long-distance moving costs. 

Remember, more things will require a bigger truck. So, it is better to sort your belongings before packing. This way, you can donate, sell, or dispose of what you don't need. Once you minimize the freight, your transport costs will reduce.

Not Making Storage Plans

Some unexpected hiccups may occur during a long-distance move. For instance, there may be delays if you are buying or selling an item before moving. Also, you might have extra boxes that you don't want to unpack immediately after getting to your destination. 

Organizing storage service in advance, particularly with your long-distance moving company, will come in handy. Most movers provide flexible storage solutions like storage-in-transit, so you won't be worried in case of some delays or mishaps.

Not Insuring Your Valuables

Since long-distance moves come with a unique set of challenges, protecting your items from damage is crucial. One solution is to work with professional long-distance movers who will ensure that the items are packed and transported correctly to avoid damage. These service providers also have special coverage for protecting their client's things while they are in transit. 

However, the coverage might not be enough to cover all your belongings, particularly if you have high-value items like artwork, antiques, or musical instruments like a piano. Getting an additional insurance policy for your belongings will offer peace of mind in case of damage. Ensure you discuss this with your movers to know the extent of their coverage before buying the additional policy.

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